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What's Happening

7 Nov 2014

Free maintenance advice for traditional property owners

Find out more about looking after your traditional property by coming along to a training day on Saturday 22 November 2014. National and local specialists will talk about common maintenance issues and there will be a chance to ask questions about your property in specialist surgeries.

16 Feb 2015

Last call for grant applications

The Trust is making a last call for applications for funding for the period ending 31 March 2015.

16 Feb 2015

Donation welcomed

Aberdeen City Heritage Trust has received a donation of £1,200 from the Royal Northern and University Club in Aberdeen.

Looking After Your Historic Building

The majority of building disrepair commonly encountered can be traced back to a lack of maintenance. When was the last time your building was inspected?


Aberdeen City Heritage Trust helps take care of the historic environment by making available a limited number of discretionary grants for the repair of historic buildings in conservation areas.

Submit our preapplication form to check eligibility for grant assistance.

City Map

View past ACHT Grants and points of interest on our map of Aberdeen.